Devoted to the little details that bring the big picture to life.

Dedicated planning. Guaranteed fun.

Meet Arney

Drawing from over two decades devoted to the art of wedding planning, Arney has crafted a celebrated reputation for her graceful execution and harmonious, timeless design. Possessor of an ever-evolving style influenced by personal relationships and editorials, her designs strike a thoughtful balance of timeless elegance and honest authenticity. 

Unwavering. Steadfast and kind. Arney connects through humor and grace, inviting and instilling a natural sense of approachability throughout the planning process and celebration. Creator of momentum. Source of positivity. She most cherishes the opportunity to become part of a family's life and create enduring memories.

When not bringing wedding visions to life, Arney feeds her creative appetite through calligraphy, painting, and the pages of a good book. Moved to travel, she loves exploring her Georgetown neighborhood on foot and dreaming about inspiring new adventures abroad.

Meet Page

With nearly two decades spent coordinating high-level events and managing residences for government officials and esteemed ambassadors, Page Morris is passionate about details. An expert planner, she built her experience navigating the intricacies of protocol and diplomacy - a demanding balance of quiet precision and lasting impact, operating under the highest expectations. She takes pride in thinking two steps ahead, masterfully coordinating logistics while managing the dynamics of a diverse team of partners and vendors. Renowned for her calm demeanor and unwavering attention to detail, she connects through kindness and gentle humor, creating an atmosphere of approachability throughout the entire process.

When not traveling, she finds inspiration and comfort through art and needlepoint. Even when not planning, Page is a constant observer and admirer of modern etiquette - not just rigid rules or putting on airs, but the practice of being engaged and mindful while creating a positive atmosphere for everyone. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two young daughters.


"Thank you for stewarding us across this last year to our wedding day. We know this wedding is a logistical/infrastructure undertaking of epic proportions, and we are in awe of how deftly (and calmly) you have managed every challenge. It’s just unbelievable-and we could have never pulled it off without you. And thank you for making this process such a joy for us-you made a famously stressful project not only stress-free but generally fun. We could not be more grateful to you for all the time, care, and creative labor you have put into making the weekend so beautiful, so special, so fun, and so true to us.”

“Oh my goodness-where to even begin! ”

Kind words from past clients

Positive outcomes only. We like to bend things most people see as straight lines, embracing challenges as fresh opportunities. Relentless hospitality that feels effortless but outcomes that look anything but. A peerless team assembled to uphold your love - to celebrate your story - with unrivaled creativity and dedication to authenticity.

We do things differently.

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