Guided by a profound, almost philosophical belief in the power of honesty and giving. A place where service and hospitality are a way of life. 

An approach to weddings that looks and feels luxurious

Not so much an approach, but a friendly affirmation. An assurance that your moment is my top priority. Your unique needs - be it sharing a vision, ideating, collaborating, or, perhaps, wanting complete freedom from the process - inform and guide the approach to your dream wedding. In the end, your one-of-a-kind event will be a reflection that can only be of you.


How do you define:

As Seen In…

It all begins with trust. Our work is about relationships. A cultivated understanding based on shared interests, pursuits, and respect. This is the beginning of a partnership that, by your big day, may feel closer and more transparent than some friendships. A foundation upon which we'll build an experience where every detail is considered. Every person seen.

Getting Started

While no two weddings are alike, one thing is always consistent - Communication. You can expect an organized and informed dialogue framed by decades of experience and a penchant for detailed notes. We will connect and build the perfect team of vendors to match the elevated aesthetic and feel of your event. We know the right questions to ask. What is possible and what should be possible. Wedding planning is our passion. Getting married should be yours.


After all the details are planned, there's only one thing for you to do – soak it in. Be present in the moment. From installation until the last person leaves, you can be sure that every aspect, every detail, is running smoothly. Let your attention be elsewhere. Your friends will wonder how you did it. You’ll want to relive it again and again. An event that feels effortless. Like the dream day you always knew it would be. 


Our Process

You won’t remember where the time went or every decision made. But you will remember how you felt. Work with a professional that puts how you feel above all else.

Photography Credits

Corbin Gurkin
Jen Fariello
Katie Melconian
Astrid Photo
Ashley Merritt
Charlotte Jenks Lewis
Elisa Bricker
Liz banfield
Kaitie Bryant
Cassie Castellaw
John Cain Photography

We are so thankful to work with amazing photographers whose images are found throughout the site.